Xcruiser Setup

Learn how to set up IPTV on Android X-Cruise receivers and other brands

Starting a new season of smart receivers with Android operating system, working with these receivers has become extremely easy and the performance of these receivers has gone far beyond a normal receiver.

You can even use Android receivers instead of a smart TV

In this part of the software that is intended for Android phones, all of them can be installed and run on Android receivers with excellent quality.

And we offer DUPLEX IPTV software

Training on setting up IPTV on X-Cruise Android receivers and other Android receivers

Learn how to set up IP TV in Perfect Player software on Android system

Learning to set up DUPLEX IP TV software on smart TV and phone

Learn how to set up SMARTER IPTV software on TV and Android operating system

Learning to launch Televizo IPTV software on Android operating system